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We are based in Dubai but develop projects all over the world, so you can order our services from any city.

01. Main service

Design project

from $145 / sq.m.*

*The cost of development of Design project for public spaces and commercial real estate is calculated individually upon request.

The design project is an instruction for assembling the interior as part of the upcoming renovation and answers the questions “what”, “where” will be located and “how” it will look.
The development of a design project is carried out based on the individual needs, preferences and lifestyle of future residents, taking into account the characteristics of the original space.

Project example
  • Planning solution;
  • Stylistic solution in 3D format;
  • Plan for lightning fixtures, switches, sockets;
  • Plumbing arrangement plan;
  • Arrangement of doorways;
  • Ceilings plan;
  • Flooring plan;
  • Warm floor plan;
  • List of finishing materials;
  • List of furniture;
  • List of light source.

02. Main service

Decoration project

from $100 / sq.m.*

*The cost of development of Decoration project for public spaces and commercial real estate is calculated individually upon request.

The decoration project is a shortened version of the design project and focuses on working with the visual image of the interior. It will be useful in the case when you do not plan to move the walls and carry out dirty work, or when the object is rented already finished, but you want to create a coherent and harmonious interior, stylized for yourself.

  • Stylistic solution in 3D format;

03. Main service


$250 per hour*

*If it is necessary to go to the site for a personal consultation, the cost will be individually established based on the specifics of the request and the location of the object.

The consultation is conducted online, verbally, it is for informative purposes and does not imply the preparation of any documentation.

  1. You send by email (to or through the order form on the site, a detailed question on what you need to be consulted, with all available information (drawings, photos, requests, etc.);
  2. You pay for the consultation;
  3. For studying your question and formulating recommendations for you, some time is needed;
  4. We choose a convenient time and contact via Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp/FaceTime;
  5. Within one hour Natalia will be consulting you on the topic and answer any questions you have.
  • When buying an apartment. When there are several options, but it is not clear which one should be chosen. I will analyze all the options available to ensure that they meet your family’s needs, and will tell you what the possibilities for redevelopment of this or that apartment are available, and will recommend the best choice.
  • When selecting the materials. I will help to combine different materials into a single unified concept. It is better to consult before buying.
  • When decorating. There are rules for interior decorating, which change space compositionally. I will advise you on ways and means of brightening up an interior so it will look like if it was a cover of interior magazines.
  • When you place the lighting. How to place it correctly, what light color and intensity to choose for each particular room. – When selecting suppliers. In case you are tired of plastic thresholds, and what to know other options available in addition to those you already know; when we want interesting extraordinary materials, but it is not clear where to get them.
  • When choosing something. When you have a few options already picked, but you can not decide which of them would be the best.
  • If you have no options, nothing to discuss, nothing to choose from, and you want the designer to develop something for you during the consultation. Development is a separate service and requires a different approach and time. In this case, it is better to look in the direction of Design project creation.
  • If you like neither furniture nor furnishings, but want the designer to suggest something and tell you where to hang a painting to change the environment, so you would suddenly like it. This is not a constructive approach. Design does not work like that.

04. Support service*

Supervision by designer

from $2150 / month

*The service can be ordered optionally if the Design project was developed by us.


  • Visiting the object during the process of constructing;
  • Supervision of the building process to ensure compliance with the Design project;
  • Regular support and resolving operational issues with builders.

The final sum is established after the Design project is developed; it may depend on the exact location of the site, the required frequency of visits to the site, the intensity of the forthcoming works and the construction team with which it will be needed to interact.

The contract for the service of the designer’s supervision is signed separately, after the preparation of the Design project.

05. Support service*


from $2150 / month

*The service can be ordered optionally if the design project was developed by us.


  • Search, selection and ordering of finishing materials and interior items according to the concept of the Design project;
  • Selection of suppliers according to price and reliability criteria;
  • Search for alternatives and replacement of items removed from production at the time of ordering, without disrupting the design concept.

This service is provided after the Design project is finalized, and all solutions and interior items are already selected and approved. The detailed format of interaction is specified in the contract.

Design project development stages

1. We sign a contract, discuss your wishes and fill out a questionnaire to create a design project. We measure and photograph the current state of the object

Design project development stages

2. We prepare a layout with zoning by room and furniture arrangement. The planning solution answers the questions “what” and “where” should be located and is the framework of the entire project

Design project development stages

3. We will adjust the layout after we have discussed them with you


Design project development stages

4. We develop a stylistic solution in the format of photorealistic images (3D visualizations). The stylistic decision answers the question “how” the future interior will look, determines the shapes, textures, colors and textures

Design project development stages

5. We edit the 3D visualization after we have discussed it with you.

Design project development stages

6. We develop working documentation, consisting of a set of plans that describe the decisions made earlier

Design project development stages

7. We conduct designer’s supervision of building process and help with procurements (optionally)

We tell you how to Design the interior by yourself and prepare for the upcoming renovation on your own (in progress)

We not only develop interior design, but also conduct courses for people who want to understand how the key stages of design project development are arranged, which are necessary to create their interior and successfully repair. At the moment they are available only in Russian, but we are already developing an English version.
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Projects geography

Paphos villa

515 sq.m.

Paphos, Cyprus

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Texas transformer

110 sq.m.

Dallas County, Texas, USA

Texas transformer Read more

Como villa

215 sq.m.

Lake Como, Italy

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Dubai villa

240 sq.m.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai villa Read more

Oregon residence

360 sq.m.

Jackson County, Oregon, USA

Oregon residence Read more

Astana penthouse

280 sq.m.

Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana penthouse Read more

Geneva apartment

100 sq.m.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva apartment Read more

Khujand apartment

180 sq.m.

Khujand, Tajikistan

Khujand apartment Read more

San Francisco townhouse

100 sq.m.

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco townhouse Read more

Shelnat apartment

70 sq.m.

Moscow, Russia

Shelnat apartment Read more

Studio apt

45 sq.m.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Studio apt Read more

Frequently asked questions

All questions

Yes, we have an online design courses for everyone who wants to learn how to plan and design their own space. And another online course with a deep dive into styles and decor. Currently they available only in Russian, but we are working on English version.

Yes, we design projects for sites all over the world, in different cities and countries. The only difference is that you will have to provide us with measurements and photos of the initial space (we provide you with detailed instructions on how to do that), the entire further development process is a standard one.

The design project and the decoration project differ in the composition of the documentation.

The design project includes 3 key stages:
1. A planning solution that answers the questions “what” and “where” will be located;
2. A stylistic decision that answers the questions “how” it will look;
3. Working documentation that explains how to implement this planning and stylistic decision.

The decoration project is a shortened version of the design project and is focused on the stylistic solution and work with the visual image of the interior, which is especially important when the objects are handed over from the developer already finished, when the developer does not allow the transfer of walls and electrical outlets, or when you simply do not plan to carry out dirty work, but you want to create a coherent and harmonious interior, stylized for yourself.

You have to submit a request form on the website or send an email to, providing your name and size of the site.

Yes, you can learn more about these services in the “Services and Prices” section.

No, we do not do room design, we only design objects entirely.

The time of renovation process may depend on the time of year, the condition of the site, the members of the work team and the number of shifts, the complexity of the project, whether you order it in advance before commissioning of the building, as well as specific design solutions and, of course, the floor space and scope of work. Builders can adequately estimate terms only after preparation of the design project when the volume of forthcoming works and all decisions will be clear. Also, the total time frame of execution can be affected by the need to wait for custom-made items both finishing materials and all custom-made furniture.

No, you should start renovation process only after the design project is absolutely finished. If you start the work during the development, the least bad thing that may occur is that the amount of work will increase, and in the worst case, builders will do extra work or vice versa, will not take into account, for example, embedded parts, which will further lead to rework and additional costs.

The composition of the design project documentation does not include working projects on the following sections: engineering calculations of loads on structures, calculations of the electrical power part, calculations of ventilation, heating, sewerage, air conditioning, smart home, and other work not specified in the design project. Non-included works are performed with the involvement of specialized contractors.

The term required for design project development depends on the size of the site and its complexity. For example, for a standard apartment up to 100 sq.m., the development period usually takes up to 16 weeks.

As soon as we have access to the object for taking measurements. However, the earlier – the better, we usually recommend starting the development of at least 3 months before the commissioning of the building, so builders could get right to work immediately after you get the keys.

Write to us and we will discuss your project

    Provide detailed information about the project - area, location, the date the site is ready, when you would like to start the style you would like to develop and the style you would like to use. If possible, attach a plan.

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