Yes, we have an online design courses for everyone who wants to learn how to plan and design their own space. And another online course with a deep dive into styles and decor. Currently they available only in Russian, but we are working on English version.

The courses imply a phased mastering of theoretical material, including viewing video information, performing practical tasks with their implementation, checking and receiving feedback.

Master classes, on the other hand, are simply informational materials for self-study, without the use of practical tasks and feedback checks.

Yes, we design projects for sites all over the world, in different cities and countries. The only difference is that you will have to provide us with measurements and photos of the initial space (we provide you with detailed instructions on how to do that), the entire further development process is a standard one.

The design project and the decoration project differ in the composition of the documentation.

The design project includes 3 key stages:
1. A planning solution that answers the questions “what” and “where” will be located;
2. A stylistic decision that answers the questions “how” it will look;
3. Working documentation that explains how to implement this planning and stylistic decision.

The decoration project is a shortened version of the design project and is focused on the stylistic solution and work with the visual image of the interior, which is especially important when the objects are handed over from the developer already finished, when the developer does not allow the transfer of walls and electrical outlets, or when you simply do not plan to carry out dirty work, but you want to create a coherent and harmonious interior, stylized for yourself.

No, but for objects less than 100 sq.m., the project development cost is calculated as per 100 sq.m., at the price specified in the section “Services and Prices”.

You have to submit a request form on the website or send an email to hello@shelnat.com, providing your name and size of the site.

Yes, you can learn more about these services in the “Services and Prices” section.

No, we do not do room design, we only design objects entirely.

The time of renovation process may depend on the time of year, the condition of the site, the members of the work team and the number of shifts, the complexity of the project, whether you order it in advance before commissioning of the building, as well as specific design solutions and, of course, the floor space and scope of work. Builders can adequately estimate terms only after preparation of the design project when the volume of forthcoming works and all decisions will be clear. Also, the total time frame of execution can be affected by the need to wait for custom-made items both finishing materials and all custom-made furniture.

No, you should start renovation process only after the design project is absolutely finished. If you start the work during the development, the least bad thing that may occur is that the amount of work will increase, and in the worst case, builders will do extra work or vice versa, will not take into account, for example, embedded parts, which will further lead to rework and additional costs.

The composition of the design project documentation does not include working projects on the following sections: engineering calculations of loads on structures, calculations of the electrical power part, calculations of ventilation, heating, sewerage, air conditioning, smart home, and other work not specified in the design project. Non-included works are performed with the involvement of specialized contractors.

The term required for design project development depends on the size of the site and its complexity. For example, for a standard apartment up to 100 sq.m., the development period usually takes up to 16 weeks.

As soon as we have access to the object for taking measurements. However, the earlier – the better, we usually recommend starting the development of at least 3 months before the commissioning of the building, so builders could get right to work immediately after you get the keys.

Contact us and we will discuss your project

    Provide detailed information about the project - area, location, the date the site is ready, when you would like to start the style you would like to develop and the style you would like to use. If possible, attach a plan.

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