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What is interior design?

Interior design is an instruction for assembling your unique interior. Each interior design is unique and is developed for the needs of a specific client, taking into account the features of the property. Therefore, the creation of such an instruction requires a lot of time and hard work. The composition of the interior design includes not only the visualization of the future interior, but also several dozen sheets with drawings and diagrams explaining all decisions, as well as specifications, which indicate real furniture, lamps, decoration materials and other interior items, indicating specific vendor codes and stores, where they can be purchased. All this is stitched together into one album, and you get an individual detailed instruction, indicating where to get and how to collect all this in order to realize the interior of your dreams in reality.

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You can order an interior design from anywhere in the world. In addition to the interior design, you can also order the services of author supervision and bundling.

The cost of developing an interior design for public spaces and commercial real estate is calculated individually, on request.

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Interior design

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When can I start developing an interior design?

As soon as there is access to the object to carry out the measurements. But the sooner the better, usually we recommend starting the development at least 3 months before the house readiness, so that with the receipt of the keys the builders could start working right away.

What should I do to order an interior design?

You must send the order form on the site or write a request to, indicating your name, building object size and all following information.

What kind of work are not part of the interior design?

The documentation for the interior design does not include working projects in the following areas: engineering calculations of structural loads, calculations of power electrical parts, calculations for ventilation, heating, sewage, air conditioning, smart home and other works not listed in the interior design. Non-incoming works are performed with the involvement of profile contracting organizations.

Is it possible to start construction in parallel with the development of an interior design?

No, work should begin only after the full interior design readiness. If you start work during development, then at best, the amount of work will not increase, and in the worst builders will do extra work or vice versa, do not take into account, for example, reinforcement, which in future will lead to alterations and additional expenses.

In which countries and cities do you work?

We develop projects for objects around the world, in different cities and countries. The difference with local development is only that you will need to provide us measurements and photos of the whole building object (we give detailed instructions on how to do them), the entire further development process looks standard.

How long does it take to develop an interior design?

The time that is required to develop an interior design depends on the size of the object and its complexity. For example, for a standard apartment up to 100 square meters, the development time usually takes up to 16 weeks.

How long does constructing takes?

The term of the construction process may depend on the time of the year, the condition of the facility, the composition of the construction team and the number of shifts, the complexity of the project, whether you book it in advance before the the house build, as well as from specific interior solutions and, of course, from the size of the house. The builders will be able to adequately estimate the terms only after the preparation of the interior design, when the scope of the forthcoming works is clear and all decisions are clear. Also, the total period of readiness can be influenced by the need to wait for custom positions, like finishing materials, and all furniture on order (including kitchens), depends on where you are and from which place will you order all of this things.

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